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Financial Wealth – How to Retire Early and Wealthy

In this episode 4 of In Our Bag Podcast we explore financial wealth and how to retire early and wealthy. This episode is the first part of our “5 Types of Wealth You Must Know Series.” We explain what wealth means to us. The motivators for attaining financial wealth; time freedom, generational wealth and retirement. We discuss Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) and 3 different methods for calculating how much you need to retire early. As a bonus we discuss the locations our sights are set on when we retire early. We couldn’t wait to start this “5 Types of Wealth You Must Know Series” as it is one of the pillars of the In Our Bag Podcast. What does wealth mean to you? Have you thought about retirement? You are never too young to think about it. Why do you want to achieve financial wealth? Leave your comments below. Let us know.
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