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EP 5 The Least Known Types of Wealth That You Should Know

In this episode 5 of In Our Bag Podcast we talk about the least known types of wealth; social, physical, mental, and time. This is part 2 or our “5 Types of Wealth You Must Know Series.” We explain these types of wealth and their importance in achieving what wealth means to us. We talk about health as wealth, being a time billionaire, and mindfulness. Shannon candidly discusses her health battle with fibroids and how that effected her outlook on life, wealth, and physical health. We couldn’t wait to start this “5 Types of Wealth You Must Know Series” as it is one of the pillars of the In Our Bag Podcast. What does wealth mean to you? Is social wealth important to you? What are you doing to work on your physical wealth? Have Leave your comments below. Let us know.

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