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Feb. 21, 2023

Episode 7 | How To Get Into Cybersecurity With No Experience

On In Our Bag Podcast episode 7, we talk about how to get into cybersecurity with no experience.  We interview, Mina, owner of JL Global Tech.  Mina gives free game on how to get started in the cybersecurity field with no experience.  She shares her experience and how she transitioned to the cybersecurity career field after being a physical security officer.  Mina has helped so many people leave behind their dead-end jobs and make the change to this exciting and lucrative career in cybersecurity.  Her company, JL Global Tech, provides practical cybersecurity training, offers resume consultation, interview preparation and one-on-one coaching.  She offers actionable advice and shares tools and resources that you can take advantage of right now to begin a career in cybersecurity.   Mina identifies transferrable skills that most people already have that will make for an easy transition to the cybersecurity career field.  It’s a new year.  Why not make that change you have been wanting to do?  Watch this video and get started on transitioning to the cybersecurity career field today!   You don’t miss this episode!

EP7 Guest:
Owner, JL Global Tech
Instagram @jlglobatech
Website:  https://jlglobaltech.com

Episode Free Cybersecurity Training Websites:

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Mina, Owner JL Global Tech


Owner, JL Global Tech
Offering cybersecurity training, interview preparation, resume building and one-on-one coaching.

Instagram @jlglobatech
Website: https://jlglobaltech.com